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The Tărian After-School Program is part of the Roma Incluzion and Development project, which is a project for the educational and social development of children from socially disadvantaged families in the Girisu de Criș and Tărian community.
This project is implemented by Dorcas Aid Romania in partnership with the Betania Christian Center, Girișu de Criș Town Hall and Secondary School No. 1 from Tărian.

In the first  years we focused on after-school activities with elements of development and social inclusion. Then, the results from the project encouraged us to continue with a new stage, but this time more complex. We have also included in the activities the collaboration with parents and other local actors with the aim of creating a favorable environment for the development of those who are at risk of poverty and social exclusion.
The main activities of the project were carried out taking into account 6 essential areas:
(1) education of children and parents;
(2) facilitating access to employment for Roma parents;
(3) through health education We contribute to the development of hygienic-sanitary skills of children and parents;
(4) improving living conditions through assistance and support for decent living;
(5) social inclusion in the community is an important element through which Roma and Romanians participate together in various actions or events in the community;
(6) the project also includes a part of lobbying and advocacy through which we campaign for the rights of those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The decrease in the school dropout rate and absenteeism, the mobilization in the community and the involvement of local actors constitute the normality of this community development and poverty eradication project.
The after-school project takes place in the local school, after the end of the school hours, as our association does not have a local office at the moment.
Direct beneficiaries:
- Children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds - 80 pers
-Socially disadvantaged families-50 fam
Indirect beneficiaries:
-Roma community-500 people
- Girișu de Criș community - 3500 people
The program offers:
- educational support, daily, 2 hours after school (after school) for children
- a daily hot meal for children
- counseling for families: -
  • in order to improve the standard of living
  • in order to improve the hygienic-sanitary living conditions in the home
  • in order to access jobs
- the possibility of participating in weekly club-type meetings for children, where they have the opportunity to learn life skills: good manners, principles of hygiene, principles of Christian morality, songs and recreational games
- a summer camp for children with very good enthusiasm and improved school results
-material support offered to both children and their families: school supplies, clothing, shoes, medicines, hygiene products, etc.
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