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Escape tower!

How do you know the Lord? I mean who is He to you? Do you perceive yourself as very strict or very permissive or loving or distant? Many form a wrong perception of who God is from the way they were raised in their family or the context in which they grew up. For others, the perception of God was formed from the spiritual tradition heard from their ancestors. Regardless of the source, if we do not know the God of the Bible then we have a distorted perception.

The psalmist presents us with such an image of God, whom we must know, when he says that in the place where He reigns, He is known as a tower of escape (Psalm 48:3). This is a correct image of God that we must discover by approaching Him: He is a tower of escape.

The tower of escape was the place where the righteous flees and finds refuge (Proverbs 18:10). The tower of escape is the place of refuge when the evil one pursues you, when you are wronged, marginalized, forsaken, rejected or removed. Therefore, look no longer for your shelter, help and escape in what men can do, but recognize that He is the tower of escape. Many wonder how they can please the Lord - look for a way - find your shelter and support in Him with all that you are. The picture presented by the psalmist shows us that this is how those closest to Him know Him, this is how they relate to Him, this is their perception of Him - that He is a tower of escape. If you do not know Him in this dimension, it means that you are not close enough to Him.

Therefore, when you are going through difficulties and you do not know who to run to, draw close to Him and you will discover Him as a place of safety and fulfillment. This is not a spiritualization, but a reality that you either enjoy or simply do not experience because you are not close enough. You will discover the peace and quiet of the tower of escape only as you draw closer to Him. Come closer, then!



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